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  • CBD Products

    CBD Products (11)

    You must be at least 18 years old to purchase these products. The two CBD companies we offer get their full spectrum, non-psychoactive, concentrated cannabinoid oils from the same organic Colorado farm, where the hemp is grown, extracted and third party tested for high quality and potency. After researching several companies, we feel confident we are offering top quality products.
  • Sculpted wood trees

    Sculpted wood trees (33)

    Due to the nature of our sculpted wood trees, please keep in mind that our photos are only representations of our products. If the item is numbered, you will get the exact piece shown. Being a former student of Tom Sternal, Paul humbly and graciously continues to cut trees, under the Elkland Handwerke brand with Martha Enzmann. You will know…
  • Sidewalk Surfers

    Sidewalk Surfers (3)

    From tree to you....for your riding pleasure, the skateboards are harvested, milled, and shaped by yours truly. (facebook link: sidewalk surfers)

    SUP-ATX (2)

    What a perfect way to relax & enjoy being on the water, while getting some exercise, at your own pace. Whether using the hard or the inflatable paddle boards, the SUP ATX is perfect for paddlers of every size and ability.
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