Paul J. Bloedel



Paul is a local artist who has lived in the High Country for over 15 years.  Born and raised in Wisconsin, Paul attended the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and Appalachian State University, to further his studies of the Fine Arts.  He has had works displayed in the Milwaukee Art Museum on 2 occasions.  Paul has worked with a wide range of mediums, from paper and pencil, wood, stone and concrete, producing artworks and custom designed buildings.  He draws his inspiration from nature and everyday situations.  Paul also applies a simple theory of form and function throughout his art, buildings, and life.

After meeting Tom Sternal in 2006, Paul joined Tom’s group of artists at Elkland Handwerke.  In 2007, Tom asked Paul to develop and manage the wholesale accounts for Elkland Handwerke, and offer their pieces at art shows in North Carolina and Virginia.  Paul established ‘fall creek woods’ as a platform to showcase Elkland Handwerke and his own personal work.  His retail shoppe in The Shoppes @ Farmers also offers the works of artists from across the country, as well as eco-friendly earth rugs, made of 100% natural jute fiber.

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